Owen Baker-Flynn

This photo was taken by Dylan Baker-Flynn

If you like supporting small, local businesses, 

well, it doesn't get much smaller or localer than me!

At only $16.31 it's way more fun, but a lot less useful than an NPR Totebag!

If you happen to see me somewhere and I have a copy

with me, and I usually do, it's only ten dollars!

If you want me to mail it to you it's $16.31.

All prices include sales tax!

To buy by mail, make a check payable to me,

Owen Baker-Flynn and mail it to  

3872 22nd Street

San Francisco, CA 94114

and I'll mail the book to you pretty quick! The book even comes with a bookmark of a painting I've done, an, "I didn't buy it on Amazon Sticker," and an article written by my daughter, "How to Tell if Your Father is a Street Performer!" It's a cautionary tale .

If you want to pay by Paypal, then it'll be about $2.50  more!

Of course there are some people who only buy hard cover books. 

You can get the book in hardcover by going here to Blurb, the fine 

people who published the book!

Blurb Books!



Something to sell!

Owen Baker-Flynn in Black and White and a Little Red All Over

is available for purchase.

It's a virtual compendium or 45 or so original cartoons written and drawn by me! Some have won awards, some have been published in the Noe Valley Voice, one has been rejected by

The New Yorker at least three times! (Honestly, I don't know why I keep submitting it!)